As it is with many nomads, immigrants and expats, my story began with a desire to make the house a home, infusing it with warmth, familiarity and that little dash of originality. Aside from furniture and the art on our walls, rugs are typically the one accessory that have the unique ability to bring to life the most personal of spaces within our homes.

Not too happy with the options around us, I turned to my design & sourcing background to work with artisans in Rajasthan and create some bespoke options for our home. My familiarity with India led us to consider dhurries; Keeping in mind the lengthy humid summers in Hong Kong & that feeling of being able to customise everything – from the design to colours and the exact size – I knew it was the right choice.

Fast-forward a few months and having helped a number of friends with their rugs, I realised there was an opportunity in the market for simple designs, bespoke options & most importantly, an appreciation for ‘Handmade’ and Maya Rugs was established in 2016.

Ritika Uppal Rai

Brand Philosophy

Through our rugs & accessories we hope to showcase and preserve the skilled craftsmanship that our artisans have to offer. Maya Rugs & Maison Maya products are all handmade with natural materials and adopting ethical practices. We believe in preserving age old crafts while giving them a contemporary lift. Our designs are inspired by the rich history of India, and by our journey and travels around the world.