How it works

We understand the value of a truly personalised experience when it comes to defining your space. Hence we offer you a unique bespoke service, which enables you to pick your pattern and customise it in any size and any color. We have a range of patterns which you can view through our catalog, or our gallery of previously executed orders. For our Singapore based clients you’re welcome to our office/showroom by appointment, or we can schedule a home visit.

Bespoke rugs take approximately eight to ten weeks from start to finish. While every effort is taken to ensure we get all the details as accurately as possible, we urge our clients to remember that this is a handcrafted product and there may be slight variations which add to it’s authenticity.


Making a dhurrie – the Process

Dhurries have been around for centuries. Designs have modernised, and in many cases machines have churned out rugs much more efficiently than humans ever could. There is nothing quite like a dhurrie that is hand-made though. It is a process that has survived generations with very little that is different today than it was centuries ago.



Cotton yarn, which is first soaked in water before it goes into dyeing.



Various pigments are mixed to achieve the desired color. The yarn is then soaked in the dye and spun around by hand in a traditional fashion, after which it is hung out in the sun to dry.




The yarn is then hung out in the open to dry under the hot desert sun.



The cotton yarn is spun into spools ready to be sent for weaving.



Preparing the loom

Before weaving the artisans need to prepare the loom, ie create the warp, so that the weft can be drawn through and result in the beautiful woven rug that we know as the final product.



Various pigments are mixed to achieve the desired color. The yarn is then soaked in the dye and spun around by hand, after which it is hung out into the sun to dry.



Once the rugs are woven through they are given a thorough wash to remove the dust it might have accumulated in the desert villages.



The final step – edges are bound by hand, or the addition of decorative trims and tassels, loose threads are trimmed & the rug is given a thorough inspection before is it dispatched back to us.

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